Saturday, 7 August 2010

L O V E | Kumpulan Puisi Cinta


How can I tell you what I am feeling, so you'll always remember
What can I do to take this moment and make last forever
I know it's been said many times and many ways
But it's never come from a deeper place

For every minute of this life that I am breathing,
Until there's nothing in this world I can believe in
As long as there's single part of you that needs me
I know I am gonna loveyou completely

What did I do to get an angel lying here beside me
Where did you find all these emotions I've felt deep down inside me
I just know that world will change
But your hld on my heart will stay the same
I have no doubt at all no fear of falling down
Complete me,
Be with me,
Believe me, you'll always know.

L O V E | Kumpulan Puisi Cinta